Raising awareness of missions around the world.



1) PRAYER!!! Please pray for the missions listed on this site as well as for TheChristianMissions.net! Our success is in providing support for the Missions throughout the World. Our success is making connections between Missions and Supporters throughout the world.

2) Monetary gifts… There is contact information for each mission. If you want to support them with monetary gifts, contact them or send your gifts directly to them.

3) Asset support… If you feel you can support a mission with a material donation, you can contact the mission directly or contact us and we will help as a mediator for you to provide your gift.

Monetary gifts are very much appreciated by all missions, but many times your support can be appreciated more by donating materials needed by the missions. For instance, if a group overseas is teaching homeless children to sew in order for them to be able to cloth their family or gain skills for employment, a donation of sewing machines, thread, or even material can be more useful than a monetary gift. We can work with you to find the best way to directly ship the supplies to the mission and alleviate the need for them to manage the logistics.

If you are an individual, or an organization that would be interested in supporting any ministry, or a specific ministry, email our  Communications Coordinator <click here> or you can make a monetary donation <click here>.