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Agape Gospel Mission



Mission Statement
Agape Gospel Mission is an international ministry reaching the world with God’s Love by evangelizing the lost, empowering the Church, and embracing the poor.
Rev. Richard C. and Rev. Mrs. Donna Whitcomb pioneered the work of Agape Gospel Mission in Africa as newlyweds in 1983. They began the ministry by conducting open-air outreaches in southern Nigeria. The Whitcombs also went house to house witnessing, winning souls to Christ and ministering to the needy. Through these efforts, the first AGM church was launched in February 1984.

To facilitate the planting of more churches, Richard and Donna began training African pastors in April 1984. Students were taught in the classroom and given opportunity to serve in the church. Soon, AGM began to multiply rapidly, as trained pastors were sent forth to plant new churches.

Today, Rick and Donna Whitcomb continue to oversee the ministry’s worldwide outreach from their bases in Accra, Ghana and Manassas, Virginia, USA.

EVANGELIZING THE LOST through open-air outreaches, personal witnessing, church planting and broadcast ministries. Through these efforts Muslims and idol worshippers give their lives to Jesus Christ. New believers are grounded in the Word at one of the many New Testament churches planted by AGM.

Church Planting
Our goal is to make disciples, not just decisions. To help new converts get grounded in the Word and on the path to fruitfulness in Christ, our Mission plants New Testament churches. Together with our Bible College graduates, AGM has helped launch over 150 new churches in seven nations.

Our newest church is the Agape House New Testament Church. Located in the East Legon area of Accra, Ghana, this church has seen abundant growth since the official launch in September 2007. The church conducts outreaches in open market areas and college campuses. The vibrant worship and dance teams, youth group, and College & Career Fellowship have brought many people into a first-time or recommitted relationship with Jesus.

EMPOWERING THE CHURCH through Bible colleges and leadership seminars. Three residential Bible Colleges and over 200 church-based Bible schools are equipping leaders for fruitful ministry. Crosswalk seminars bring training, revival, and unity to thousands of African church leaders serving on the front lines.

Agape Association of Bible Schools
Agape Association of Bible Schools is empowering local churches to train their members in God's Word by assisting them in establishing their own Bible School. We provide an entire two-year Bible curriculum, as well as on-going training to the pastor to assist him in administering the program. Currently, Eastern Menonite Missions operate the Agape Association of Bible Schools as Africa Association of Bible Schools in six nations through this dynamic outreach.

Crosswalk Seminars
Crosswalk Seminars are designed to bring revival to Church leaders so that they can in turn bring revival to their churches. Each seminar consists of four days of intensive ministry to the leaders through teaching, prayer, and personal ministry. Conducted in major cities around Africa, Crosswalk Seminars bring training and encouragement to men and women who serve on the front lines of ministry.

In addition to ministering to the Ministers, the Seminars work to build unity amongst leaders and churches. Denominational and ethnic barriers are broken down, offended brothers are reunited, and the spiritual atmosphere of the city is changed as Christ’s prayer for unity is answered at Crosswalk Seminars!

EMBRACING THE POOR through medical outreaches, hospital visits, and the Agape Children’s Home. Medical teams conduct outreaches in rural areas where there is no access to proper medical care. Ministry teams make visits to local hospitals to pray for the sick. Orphaned children are rescued out of terrible situations and brought into a loving environment. They are given medical treatment, fed, clothed, housed, educated, and cared for by loving Christians.

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