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Rev. Nathan and Betty Sanford



Mission Statement
I am Nathan Sanford I got saved at the age of 10 years old and filled in the Holy Spirit. God has always been first in every area of my life. I went to a Christian School and Graduated in 1986, went to Southern Union for Business for 2 years. In this time God was in control of my live, I had a heart for the youth. For 3 years and asst. youth director, part of the drama team and start a program of feed the hungry. In the youth group started a core group, which every week pass out tracks. When I was 22 years God put me in the as a Sound Tech. for 15 years than in recording studios and in Christian Broadcasting as an Editor, camera man and more. On my heart I felt a pull to missions how I know is when a missionary came to your church. I gave over the amount then some more. I went and got my passport was think about Israel because I have missionary friend there.
In 1998 I was invited to go to Mexico on a mission trip. I was at the age of 35 years ago; this is where I meant my beautiful wife. I am in Rhema Bible corresponded course, I am Ordained under New Covenant Church that is under Rhema Bible College. God did not give a vision until 2 years of our marriage. I had a vision in 2002, I was on the stage preaching to 100’s of 1000’s come to the alter for salvation. From 2002 we worked in Mexico part-time to become full- time. I am expecting to see 1 billion souls for Jesus in the next couple years. This 2013, I expecting more souls and the fire of God to burn in Mexico soon. We have a passion for souls, so we have a youth camp every year for 200 youth. We support 25 pastors, we had our 1st Crusade that we see over 200 souls ask Jesus in their souls. We feed the hungry, give clothes and toys to the children. We do harvesting work, cleaning canals, working on churches, small crusades and more.

A living Testimony
How God saved us from the Mexico Cartel.

My wife and I are missionaries in Mexico in the State of Tamaulipas. Jan. 25, 2011 at 10:00 am we were going home on the main Highway between Tampico and Cd. Victoria. I had notice a Fed. Police car in front of us and 15 min later he flew past me, 15 more mins. there were 2 black cars turned around in front of us. One put his flashers on the other sped up ahead of us. The one behind us pulled up beside our SUV and waved us down with their AK47 rifles out of the window. So I stopped and 4 guys jumped out of the car pointing their AK47 rifles at my head. At this time my wife and I felt a peace come over us in God’s SUV that was cover with the Blood of Jesus that morning. They told my wife and me to get out of the SUV and give them money, cell phones and more. They told me to lay on the ground than they took me to get up; we walked to the back of the SUV and ask what we have in the back? We told them there were cloths, at that point of time I told them we were missionaries and they said, “Missionaries” I said, we work here in Cd. Mante. So they told my wife and I to look at the trees while their AK47 rifles were behind our heads. They said if we look at them they will kill us. I thought we were died, but they had something planned for my wife and me. They told us to get in the back seat of their car so we did; they push my head down in the back driver’s seat. They put a white sweater over my wife head and told her if we tried anything they will kill us. I had an AK47 rifle in my back and I was praying in tongues as the spirit gave me utterance as Betty and I prayed. The man driving the car was talking on a radio to his Boss. It came across the radio to looking for a dirt road to turn down so they could tie us up and put a bag over our head and kill us. The man in the car said to the boss, the man in the back seat is a missionary and he is married to a Mexican woman. The boss on the radio said let them go and give their truck back to them and leave. They pulled over and gave the truck back to us and they said do not go talk to the police or the military or you will be die. I prayed and God remind me of Palms 91:5 Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flies by day; (6) Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday. (7) A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee. We drove to Cd Victoria and call our family in USA and Mexico we waited for Betty family to pick us up. Praise God we wasn’t not killed or beat up. They stole money and wedding rings and cell phones and other thing. A report came in to us; by my brother-law he received a text on his phone. The 8 men that captured Nathan and Betty died 4 hours later in a shoot-out with Fed. Police. “I found myself amazed at the Lord’s speed.
1Ch 16:22 Saying, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.
I thank God for the Blood of Jesus on my wife and me. It was only by the grace and mercy of Jesus that my wife and I are still live. Our destiny has just begun that is why, Satan sent his army after us to kill what is in us. God, had me in school I been taking RHEMA Correspondence Bible course. Studying the courses of “Ever Increasing Faith’, by; Smith Wigglesworth (teaching faith is now, pray now). The Bible school has helped me in my walk with my Lord Jesus Christ. To get to know Jesus personally every day and every moment of the day this should be our prayer.
Bless you for Support!
You’re truly,
Rev. Nathan & Betty Sanford

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