Raising awareness of missions around the world.

Mercy Ministries Outreach



Mission Statement
Mercy Ministries Outreach has a God –ordained mandate to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost and to bring Christians together in partnership as we serve Christ. MMO was founded to reach the hurting of the world, feed the hungry, clothe the poor, visit and care for he elderly, educate the orphans, reach and help the widows. MMO encourages Christians to influence very aspect of the world around them and draw the world to Christ.
Born in Kenya received Jesus in my young age. l started writing songs , recording and l have 4 volumes. l started preaching going in Schools , holding cruside, doing mission work. God called me to help the poor and needy after obeying God the Mery ministries was born.God called here in America six yrs ago and l came and l started the Mercy Ministries Outreach here in America. l joined the Fellowship and l become a member.

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