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Ladies of Puprose International Ministries



Mission Statement
To lead women to their God ordained purpose.
Ladies of Purpose International Ministries, Inc, ministering as “Ladies of Purpose” is based in the Dallas Metroplex in Texas, USA. It comprises a group of Ladies from different backgrounds divinely brought together by God for his purpose. It all started as a prayer group in May of 2006, with Ladies with a desire in their hearts coming together on appointed Friday nights to fellowship and pray. As time went by, by God’s “divine design”, some ladies left the group and some came in. Little did we know then, that in His infinite wisdom, according to the counsel of His will, God was taking this prayer group “somewhere”.
Sometime in April of 2007, God began to speak to Pastor Fungayi Hanya, now the president of the ministry, to convene a special conference for women from all walks of life. The burden that God put upon her heart was to let women know that regardless of who they are and where they have been, they are “special” in God’s eyes and He has a purpose for each and every one of them. With the prayer group standing in support with Pastor Fungayi, a conference was convened on July 28, 2007 in Dallas, Texas, with a theme “You Are The Apple Of God’s Eye”. We saw the Spirit of God move in a special way at this conference. It was from this conference, again by God’s “divine” purpose, that one thing led to another and Ladies of Purpose International Ministries was birthed with a motto “God Has A Mandate For Us”.

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