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Mission Statement
Tom and I first came to Haiti to live in November of 1972. We had been married for two and one-half months and were 19 and 20 in age.

E.W.O. rented a large facility in Port-au-Prince. Two months after our arrival, we opened a church. A month later, we started an orphanage for boys and an elementary school for them. Many other ministries followed: a clinic, vocational school, and English school.

God has blessed us over the years with 3 daughters born to us and 50 boys in our orphanage, our extended family. Our daughters are Jodi, who died in a plane accident at 10 months old, Lindsey, 34, and Kasi, 30. Lindsey is married to Arno van Niekerk from Centurion, South Africa. Arno is a minister and a computer technician. Lindsey is a writer, personal assistant to a Mary Kay consultant, and works part time in our stateside office. Kasi wed in July 2007 to Ben Lyndaker of Little Falls, New York. Ben is a pilot and Kasi teaches special education to first graders, as well as has her Masters degree in Counseling. They all reside in Salisbury, MD.

The land for our headquarters in Port-au-Prince was purchased in 1980. A four-story building houses our church, carpentry shop (first floor), elementary school, Bible school, and adult education classes (second floor). Our apartment is located on the third floor, as well as Carole Comeau’s (our co-worker). Carole is from VT and has been working with us for the past 11 years. We are in the process of building an apartment for ourselves on the fourth floor. Our current one will be turned into housing for teams that come in to help us.

The elementary school at our headquarters has approximately 600 students.

A food distribution program is on going, as food and supplies are made available to us. We distribute to our schools, churches, our neighborhood, mission workers, and some orphanages.

Our Bible School began its 20th year in October. It is a three-year program. The school functions Monday through Thursday from 4:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. Tom and three Haitian pastors teach the curriculum to young men and women. There is also an Extension Bible School in Ti Rivière once a month for students from the countryside areas.

The carpentry shop is used to help young carpenters find employment. They receive wages and we are able to make quality furniture for fellow missionaries or local pastors at a reasonable rate.

Our headquarters church is pastored by Aaron Cajuste and Amorce Noel. We have two morning services and an evening service on Sundays. Prayer meetings are held on Monday and Thursday nights. Wednesday night is for Bible study and on Saturday morning, the people gather for a prayer and fasting time. Groups in the church organize several yearly trips into the countryside for evangelization. One such trip produced a new church near the town of La Vallee, Jacmel, in the south. Pastor Canceus resides in a little parsonage with his wife and 5 boys. It is adjoined to the church building.

Most of our work is on the southern peninsula of Haiti. 60 miles south of Port-au-Prince is a town called Petit Goave. The church is growing and the school has 125 students.

In another, a place called Arnoux, where they once worshipped under a tent given to us by the U.S. military; we now have a very nice church building. A 13 classroom building has been constructed next to the church. Approximately 1000 students attend classes from pre-school to eleventh grades.

Thirdly, in Orangers, we have a church building and are in the process of constructing a school. There are presently four rooms built with the other classes meeting in a house and the church. There are 250 pupils.

A fourth work is in Caïman where church and school meet under a brush arbor. We have started construction on a new school and have six rooms done at this time. There are about 350 students attending there.

Seven other churches and three schools started by our Haitian National Committee are affiliated with E.W.O.

One of our largest branches of this ministry is the Bible Chapel Program. We go into schools and teach the Word of God for thirty minutes in a chapel service. We are instructing in 40 schools and reach over 7,000 children each week. We developed our own four-year curriculum and have it available in English and Creole. This program is supervised by us, but is taught completely by Haitian workers, pastors and schoolteachers that we have trained. We often have seminars, bringing in teachers and students from the schools we teach in, to expose them to the lessons that will be taught in the months to come.

We are presently able to assist 300 children through child sponsorship. These students attend 6 different schools, both in Port-au-Prince and the countryside. Many sponsors participate in this program, paying $20.00 monthly, which takes care of the child’s monthly tuition, as well as subsidizes the school he/she attends.

Our vision is to prepare and train the Haitians so that they can reach their own people. We feel the importance and need to teach the children and young people in Haiti, before they are indoctrinated into the ways of Voodoo, a widely practiced satanic religion in the country.

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