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Church Triumphant



Mission Statement
Church Triumphant is a God-dependent missionary organization ministering to the needs of the Church worldwide. We are dedicated to establishing the Church on a sound Biblical foundation based on a commitment to New Covenant principles and dynamic Kingdom living. Our goal is to accomplish this by establishing Bible schools and teaching seminars to equip workers to go to the fields of harvest prepared for Spirit led worship, fellowship, and ministry.
Howard and Barbara Gard are missionaries with Church Triumphant. Married since 1969, they have spent most of those years ministering to the needs of Believers in Eastern Europe. From 1972 to 1988 they were involved in raising money to send Bibles behind the Iron Curtain. During that time they were responsible for more than 5 million Bibles being sent to the suffering church. In 1988 they established Church Triumphant as a tool to more effectively minister to those in need.
When the Berlin Wall fell and Eastern Europe opened up to the West at the end of 1989, Howard and Barbara Gard made a series of trips into Romania, bringing Bibles, food, clothing, and medical supplies, and helping to get the Christian school movement established in Eastern Europe. Church Triumphant also helped finance the building of churches, Christian schools, a Christian orphanage, and a Christian medical clinic in that nation.
In 1992, the Gards sold their home in California and moved to Romania, living first in Brasov and later in Orsova. In 1995 they moved to the city of Timisoara where they were involved in establishing Logos Christian Center, which includes a Christian high school, preschool, college of nursing, college of computer science, church, and Bible school. They have also been involved in training pastors and planting churches in areas where there were no evangelical churches. They have turned over the ministry in Timisoara to Romanian leadership and are currently involved in establishing Bible training institutes worldwide to disciple Believers and train workers for the great end time harvest. They are presently involved in setting up a tribal Bible institute in Tagum City to train workers to plant churches among the mountain tribes of southern Mindanao in the Philippines.

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