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Children of Bethany House



Mission Statement
Daniela made the first of several trips back to Romania in late 1994 and attained her United States citizenship in 1997. In 1997, Bethany House was purchased and also that same year Dan came to Romania for the first time on a short-term mission trip with his church. The plan was to distribute the Book of Life in the public schools, and to do youth crusades in the evening. The trip was planed for Poland. However, two weeks before departure the team lost their special permission to go into the public schools. The dates were set, so the destination was changed to Romania. Because of a schedule adjustment the team's Romanian translators had to leave early to meet another team coming from the States, so at the local church in Calarasi the pastor was asked if anybody spoke English, as there was need for one translator for one day. He said that Daniela Bistrian spoke very good English so Daniela was placed on Dan's team. Dan was able to minister to her by doing some minor repairs on her car on the last day the team was in Romania, and she joined the team for lunch before they left. Dan and Daniela started writing and e-mailing each other. Dan returned to Romania for a week in May of 1998, and a few months later Daneila came out to the States for a visit and each were able to meet the other's parents. Dan proposed to Daniela later that year and three pastors married them in a Sunday morning church service on March 14, 1999 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Dan moved over to Romania in May 1999. Their first child, Elizabeth, was born in Romania in October 2000, and they know have a son (Danny) and a second daughter (Denisa). The Bethany House ministry became an authorized Romanian Humanitarian Foundation in 2001.

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