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Amazon Expeditions Outreach, Inc.



Mission Statement
To train Indigenous Pastors, Church Leaders and Native Tikuna Missionaries to evangelize the unreached tribes of the Amazon Jungle.
Across the South American continent runs the mightiest river in the world, the Amazon.
Leticia, Colombia, is strategically located on this river where the nations of Peru, Brazil and Colombia intersect providing the gateway into vast rainforest regions.
In this rainforest live the largest number of tribes who have never heard the gospel in their own native language and are in serious need of medical care.
The Scripture: We believe that the Bible is the authoritative and infallible revelation from God to man. 2 Tim. 3:16-17
The solution is to train and mobilize believers in the largest tribe, the Tikuna, to evangelize other tribes in the region through planting new churches, ministering the gospel in other dialects and distributing surplus medical equipment and supplies from western nations.
George and Edilma González, through Amazon Xpeditions Inc., assemble teams of foreign and native missionaries to assist the Tikuna Tribe in this ministry.

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