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Kenya My People Ministries



Mission Statement
Our vision is to assist Africans and others, around the world to become a better asset to their society. This assistance is in the form of Spiritual, educational and physical training. We see ourselves encouraging men, women and children that have been beaten down both physically and emotionally by their families and others in society. To let them know they are important and that God did chose them.
William and Diamond Muganzo, met in June of 1997 in Lake Mary, Florida at the home of Diamond’s friend. God was the only one that knew William and Diamond would be there at the same time. Three years later on May 28, 2000, they were married in Lake Mary, so what better place to start their ministry but Lake Mary. After realizing the need in both Kenya and America to spread the Gospel as mandated by God, Kenya My People Ministries was born July 2006. In addition, they became ordained Ministers on October 26, 2007 through Miracle House Healing Ministries in Sanford, Florida. Together they have three children a son, Adam, who is very, involved in their ministry and two daughters Melissa and Maria.
William was born in Nairobi, Kenya and lived on Mfangano Island during his boyhood. His father William Oluoch Thomas was from Mfangano Island and of the Basuba Tribe, William’s father met and married Opondo Masanta. They lived on Mfangano Island until William’s father took a job with the Kenya Railroad in Kenya’s capitol city of Nairobi. Diamond moved to Lake Mary from Southern California after God told her to go to Florida. She is originally from Northeastern Pennsylvania and received her call into the mission field at the age of seven. After listening to a Missionary from Jamaica, she knew being a Missionary was what God wanted her to be. As she grew up, she became interested in Kenya, East Africa not knowing that 32 years later she would meet William Muganzo and enter the mission field in Kenya.
William & Diamond Muganzo are the co-founders of Kenya My People Ministries, Inc. Contact them with any questions you may have regarding the Saviour, Jesus Christ; or this ministry God has mandated for them to accomplish.

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