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Revival Outreach Center



Mission Statement
Leonard and Marie Jones (AKA Papa and Mama Jones) have been ministering and living in Honduras for over 4 years and through the love in their hearts care for each precious soul. When I visited they had 17 beautiful children in their care. Their vision is to give faith, hope, and love to each and every child.

Leonard and Marie also run an out reach program. Casa Compassion is a ministry to young unwed mothers and was birthed out of necessity. In four years nearly thirty girls have come through their home seeking hope and a place of refuge. Many have come impregnated through rape, and some have come as young as twelve years old. They have seen many beautiful children brought into this world, and they have seen dignity and hope restored to many of these girls.
In July of 2005 Casa Cielo received their first three children, Javi, José, and Maria. Casa Cielo was then born.
I didn't realize that a person’s heart could be so filled with love and inspiration until I met Leonard and Marie. They care and love each child as if it was their own. They are truly remarkable people. Laboring their love alongside them have been their three children: Jeannie, David, and Joy and the recent addition of a son-in-law Del Sambucetti.

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