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New Creations Chapel Inc.



Mission Statement
New Creations Christian Camp gives campers of all ages the opportunity to experience God in His creation by taking time apart to relax and open their heart and spirit to Him.
Revs. Tim and Bonnie Cummings are visionaries. They started New Creations Chapel Inc. with a heart to see young people changed and their vision has not changed in the 38 years they have been in ministry. They have seen countless young people changed for the glory of God. Rev. Tim Cummings is Sr. Pastor, Co-Founder, President and Trustee of New Creations Chapel, Inc. with a Bachelor of Theology, Master of Bible Theology and Counseling Program from Florida Beacon Bible College. Revs. Tim and Bonnie celebrated their 44th year wedding anniversary on November 9, 2007. They have four children: Matthew, Natalie, Mark and Jason. They have five grandchildren: Kelsea, Lucas, Nicholas, Nathan, Vincent and Evan.

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