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Light of the West Indies Missions


Mission Statement
Equipping, encouraging and establishing the local church in the West Indies.
Terry and Cindy Vaughn have always been involved in missions either sending or supporting missionaries for the better part of their lives. In March of 2015 the Lord through a prophetic declaration, Light of the West Indies was birthed. Their love for the island chain known as the Lesser Antilles and West Indies was birthed in 2012 when Cindy travelled to Trinidad with a small group. In 2013, Terry and Cindy returned to Trinidad on a 10-day trip with a 4-person team where they both fell in love with the people. In 2014 a team of 8 traveled with Cindy and in 2015, Terry and Cindy took two teams who traveled to three different locations in Trinidad. Since 2012 we have travelled to the islands about every 4 months.

The focus now is Guadeloupe, where the gospel needs to be established and churches planted. Our long term goal is by 2018 to be more permanently planted in Guadeloupe for the long term which will also give us greater visibility in all the islands. We truly believe that God has given us insight to these churches to not bring our American church culture in, but to come in love and be a support whether physical, financially or prayerfully to the West Indies, and to establish the gospel through the existing culture.

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