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Ingolf Schmidt Ministries



Mission Statement
• Born 04/23/1958 in the communist country of East Germany.
• Married for 30 years.
• Father of 3 Children and two Grand Children.
• Pastor Schmidt grew up in an atheist parental home in 1978 he gave his
life to Jesus as a soldier of the Communist Army.
• He founded his church in 1985. At this point it was not an official church,
because it was forbidden by the Communist Government.
• It was the first "new" church and “Word of Faith” (underground church) in
the city and the second one in the country several Bible school classes
were held in the last past years in Germany & Poland.
• In 1992 Pastor Schmidt was ordained by Dr. L. Sumrall.
• Pastor Schmidt has a strong travel ministry, which led him through
Europe, Russia, USA and Asia.
• He is frequently traveling to the US since 1998 preaching and
reminding the American people “Not to forget his benefits.”
• Pastor Schmidt is using a lot of examples from his underground
church. But he is doing that in a funny way. So it will inspire and
encourage people to follow Christ in a serious way
Pastor Ingolf Schmidt currently pastors the Christian Faith Center in Leipzig Germany. Pastor Schmidt was born in 1958 to atheist parents in the communist country of East Germany. In 1978 as the soldier of the communist army, he gave his life to Jesus Christ. Pastor Ingolf Schmidt tells people all over the world of his experience of founding a church in 1985 before the Wall came down. This is known as an “underground church.” The underground Christian churches of that time went through many difficulties because of the communist government. Pastor Ingolf and his family were faithful to their Christian belief during the dark times of the country.

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